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AICO is all Hands on Deck with Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Aico CO alarmA market leader in high quality smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, Aico is pleased to announce the success of a recent trial of its alarms on board Narrow Boats, conducted in conjunction with ABC Leisure Group Limited.

ABC Leisure Group, specialists in Narrow Boats and boating holidays, has been building and operating a hire fleet and providing full marina services to canal users for over 35 years.

Aico supplied ABC Leisure Group with 50 Standalone Battery CO Alarms and 50 Standalone Battery Optical Smoke Alarms for the trial, to see if they are suitable for use on board Narrow Boats. Aico also provided practical advice on where to site the alarms, as this in an important factor to consider to prevent false alarms – one of the key factors in the industry at large which has prevented their uptake.

During the 12 month trial using the Aico alarms, there have been no false alarms or reported problems, making the trial a success. Haley Hadley, Marketing and Sales Director for ABC Leisure Group, has been impressed with the results: “we feel these are important safety devices but the previous alarms we tried had a large number of false alarms. We are very happy with the new alarms in place and have also made them available to purchase from with free delivery.”

Both the Standalone Battery CO Alarms and the Standalone Optical Battery Smoke Alarms from Aico used in this study have been designed with sealed in Lithium batteries, overcoming the problem of battery removal. The battery unit is not only tamper proof but being Lithium (rather than standard AA batteries) cannot be used to replace batteries in other devices.

The Standalone Battery CO Alarms from Aico benefit from a proven CO sensor, which is pre-calibrated and tested in CO gas to ensure accuracy. It has been tested and approved to BS EN 50291-2:2010 making it suitable for use in recreational vehicles and craft, including caravans and boats. Having a CO Alarm in a Narrow Boat is essential as they are often powered by diesel, have wood burning stoves, gas burners or other combustible fuel appliances – all potential sources of CO.

Whilst fire is unlikely on a boat that is well maintained to appropriate safety standards, it is nether the less a possibility. With this in mind, it is recommended in the trade that fire prevention is the primary source of fire safety, with Smoke Alarms being fitted as the next line of defence. Having the right type of working Smoke Alarm, correctly sited, will warn you of danger quickly and give you those extra few seconds to escape unharmed. The Standalone Battery Optical Smoke Alarms from Aico have now been proven to be effective for Narrow Boat usage. Look out for the 10 year life Smoke Alarm as they will provide a reliable and cost-effective solution.

The Aico alarms on trial both meet the Leisure Accommodation Vehicle (LAV) requirements of their respective European standards.

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