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Aico Heat Alarms Recommended by Award Winning Sprinkler Alternative Manufacturer

Aico with AutomistAico is pleased to announce that its market leading Ei164RC mains powered heat alarm has been recommended by British manufacturer Plumis for use with its award winning Automist home fire safety system.

Automist is a more convenient alternative to traditional sprinkler systems that uses innovative watermist technology to put out fires, using just 5% of the water consumed by a traditional sprinkler system.  Once triggered, a small pump drives mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly filling the room with a dense fog.  The system can be installed in a number of unobtrusive configurations, including under a tap, on a work surface, or wall mounted.  

An Aico heat alarm triggers the Automist system via a Relay Module. A heat alarm is ideal to use in this type of application as it is only triggered by high temperatures (58°C), rather than smoke, which means that Automist will not be accidentally triggered. The Ei164RC heat alarm from Aico is recommended by manufacturer Plumis for use with Automist due to its quality build, exceptional reliability and reputation within the market.

The heat alarm can be interconnected with Automist by hard-wiring or by RadioLINK.  RadioLINK uses Radio Frequency (RF) signals for interconnection, removing the need to run additional interconnection wiring, saving time and disruption, and eliminating the need to redecorate or run unsightly trunking.

The Ei164RC heat alarm is part of Aico’s 160 Series of mains powered alarms, which includes Heat, Optical and Ionisation models, all with 10 year plus Lithium cell back-up for total peace of mind.

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