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AICO Alarms and Control Switch Fitted by Scottish Council

West Lothian Housing InstallationAs part of a ten year programme West Lothian Council is fitting Aico Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, with its unique Alarm Control Switch, across all 13,500 of its properties.

West Lothian is responsible for over 170,000 people and has the fastest growing population in Scotland.  The Council owns and manages a wide range of properties and takes the safety of its tenants very seriously.  

The council is fitting Aico 160RC Series mains powered Smoke and Heat alarms and Aico’s new Ei208WRF cost-effective Lithium battery powered CO alarms.  The alarms are interconnected using Aico’s proven RadioLINK Professional wireless interconnection technology.  RadioLINK allows alarms on the system to communicate with each other using RF signals rather than hard wiring.  When one alarm is triggered, all the alarms interconnected on the system will sound, providing warning throughout the property.

If the alarms sound, it is important to be able to tell whether a fire or CO leak has been detected so that appropriate action can be taken.  To achieve this, West Lothian Council is also installing Aico’s wall-mounted RadioLINK Alarm Control Switch, which will allow residents to quickly locate the exact alarm which has detected the fire or CO leak.  The Switch is completely wireless and can also be used to test and silence all the alarms on the system

This also means that the risk to tenants when testing their alarms is minimised as they no longer need to stand on steps or chairs to carry out the tests and should encourage them to test them regularly as it is easier to do so.

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