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Six Simple Steps to Smoke Alarm Specification

Smoke Alarm Specification SelectorThe first to introduce an online smoke alarm specification tool back in 2011, Aico is pleased to announce the launch of its next generation Smoke Alarm Specification Selector for producing a robust pre-written specification of its market leading Smoke, Heat and Multi-Sensor alarms.

Located in the ‘Specifier & Architects’ section of Aico’s website, the new Smoke Alarm Specification Selector is easier than ever to use and now comes with many added features for improved specification.

A redesigned, modern interface with clear, easy to understand graphics is one of the first things visitors to the new Smoke Alarm Specification Selector will notice.  The new graphics display a cross-section view of typical property layouts, including the various alarm and system options within the property as selected during the steps in the Selector.  If the user wants more information on the choices within a step they can click on the information symbol for a brief description of that choice.

The Smoke Alarm Specification Selector has six easy to follow stages, guiding the user through property type and number of storeys, levels of fire protection, choice of alarm power and back up supply, alarm sensor types (including Aico’s unique Multi-Sensor) and the choice of hard-wired or RadioLINK wireless alarm interconnection.  The latter step includes a short information video explaining the benefits of RadioLINK RF technology for those unfamiliar with it.  In this latest version of the Specification Selector, a further step has been added to the process to allow for accessories to be incorporated into the system; unique to Aico, these include  an Alarm Controller to test and control alarms, a Relay to trigger Warden Call, A Sprinkler Trigger Input Module, as well as an Alarm for the Hearing Impaired.

At each stage the property graphic changes to reflect the choices made, showing the areas of the property that will be covered with alarms, the alarm types that will be fitted in each of the areas and where accessories will be installed.,

Content has also been expanded within the new Smoke Alarm Specification Selector to incorporate all new Aico products, including the recently launched Ei450 RadioLINK Alarm Controller, and to allow for a wider range of property layouts, such as open plan designs (where a Multi-Sensor is ideal) and loft conversions.  Properties with Solar PV panels are also included, as the associated electrical equipment is often installed in loft spaces which can be a potential fire hazard and therefore requires extra alarm coverage.

The Specification Selector allows the user to make informed decisions throughout the process, with a professional pre-written specification in Word format available to download at the end of the process.  The document not only contains the written specification with detailed product information, but also the installation, siting and wiring requirements  along with testing and commissioning instructions.  

Aico’s Smoke Alarm Specification Selector is available online now at and works across all platforms, including tablets and smart phones.  Visitors to the web site can also use a dynamic Product Search tool which allows the user to search by product code or drill down by product attribute, read the latest Aico news, and search for installation companies who have been trained under the Aico Fire Products Trained Installer Scheme (AFPTIS) via the ‘Trained Installer’ section.

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