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AICO Launches Controlfacts APP for New Alarm Controller

Controlfacts AppFollowing on from the success of its Handyfacts App which has more than 9,500 users, Aico has launched the Controlfacts App dedicated to its innovative new RadioLINK Alarm Controller.  The App is available for Android and iPhone users.

The single button Ei450 Alarm Controller has been designed for use with Aico’s RadioLINK Professional alarms Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms which interconnect using Radio Frequency (RF) signals, eliminating the need for interconnection wiring.  The Controller enables residents to simply Test all the alarms on the system, quickly identify and Locate the exact alarm which has triggered the system (visually identifying if the source is a fire or CO leak) and Silence the alarm if no fire is present, all from one convenient wall mounted location.  

Providing contractors with a straightforward guide to using and installing the new Ei450 Alarm Controller, the Controlfacts App features animated graphics, simple text instructions and useful interactive features.  It is ideal for contractors to use to introduce the product to landlords, developers and home owners.

Controlfacts features an interactive step-by-step guide to the Alarm Controller's features. It allows the user to press an on-screen image of the Controller as if it was in a real system. They can go through how to test an Aico RadioLINK system, with separate sections giving instructions on what to do if the alarms are triggered, showing how to identify what type of alarm has triggered the system. Controlfacts shows the different procedures for both Smoke and CO alarm activations, including how to Locate the triggered alarm as shown on the display and then Silence it if no fire is present.  A different set of instructions are shown to demonstrate what to do if it was a CO alarm activation.

The Installation section of Controlfacts covers the Controller’s House-Coding set-up and its Engineering Mode, guiding the contractor through the relevant processes using simple explanatory text and animated graphics (including showing how the indicating lights on the product flash during set up). With the optional see-through overlay enabled, a contractor can view the actual product in situ through the phone’s camera, with the product image overlaid on-screen, allowing the different lights and indicators to be compared to ensure the correct procedure is being followed.  The Engineering Mode of the App demonstrates how to perform a ‘latch test’ of the alarm system, enabling you to press the Controller button once, then walk around the house to check that all of the alarms are sounding.

The Installation section of Controlfacts also details compatible alarms, which include Aico’s Ei2110 Multi-Sensor, Ei160RC Series and Ei140RC Series alarms when fitted to RadioLINK bases, plus its Ei262 mains powered and Ei208WRF Lithium battery powered CO alarms.  The App allows you to toggle between a full RadioLINK system and a mixed hard-wired / RadioLINK (hybrid) system, listing the products available.

The new Controlfacts App from Aico is available from the App Store and Google Play free of charge – just search for ‘Controlfacts’.  

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