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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 14:14

For applications where maintaining functional integrity in the event of fire is vital, CEE Norm now offers an expanded range Hensel DK cable junction boxes.

In addition to the existing sheet steel, power coated junction boxes, the range now includes Duraplastic enclosures. All models feature connecting terminals made from ceramic to offer resistance to high temperatures, with versions providing from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes of fire protection.

Functional integrity to the most stringent fire standards is required for safety related circuits, such as the power supply for safety lighting, firemen’s lifts, fire alarm systems, ventilation and smoke exhaust systems, and pumps in sprinkler systems. Wherever a failure of such a circuit would potentially put lives at risk, the highest levels of protection must be ensured.

Hensel DK cable junction boxes are compliant with all the relevant national functional integrity standards governing the protection requirements for cable installations. For safety circuits which must remain operational for sufficient time during exposure to a fire, Hensel DK cable junction boxes are tested for E30 up to E90 for guaranteed protection. In addition, in the event of a fire, the enclosures provide no additional fire load, and ensure no possibility of toxic or corrosive emissions.

Available in RAL 2003 orange, all models in the range offer sealing to IP65 as standard, and are suitable for use in ambient temperatures from -25 degrees C to +35 degrees C. They are manufactured from halogen-free materials, ensuring that no toxic fumes will be produced in the event of a fire. Protection against electric shock is also maintained by the enclosure under fire conditions.

Typical areas of application for the Hensel DK cable junction boxes include power plants, railways, tunnels, hotels, hospitals, airports, bans, petrol stations, public buildings and industrial premises.

CEE Norm

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