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Saturday, 22 January 2011 11:55

riello vyconRiello UPS, Europe’s leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), are pleased to announce an exciting addition to their range of standby and power protection systems – the VDC Flywheel.

Riello UPS can now offer the innovative and highly efficient VYCON VDC (Voltage Direct Connect) Flywheel as an alternative or complement to traditional lead acid battery sets. The VDC Flywheel represents the latest generation in Flywheel technology - a ‘mechanical battery’ that stores energy kinetically in the form of a rotating mass. During a power failure or disruption, the energy stored by the rotating mass is converted to electrical energy through the flywheel’s integrated electric generator.  The system then provides a clean, short supply of DC power to a Riello UPS (uninterruptible power supply) until the source of power is restored – either through the mains, an emergency generator, or for extra resilience, a battery set.

The VDC Flywheel can be utilised in a number of ways to best meet the needs of the individual installation. In hospitals or other critical sites with emergency generators, the Flywheel can be used with the UPS to power the bridge between generator start up. For installations subjected to frequent short-term disruptions, the Flywheel can be used to provide protection against short-duration “glitches” or outages. It can also be used in parallel with a Riello UPS system to provide a first line of defence; protecting the UPS batteries from excessive discharge and adding a further level of protection to critical systems.

Environmentally friendly, reliable and highly efficient (up to 99.4%), the VDC Flywheel energy storage system also boasts a compact footprint, requires minimal maintenance and has a low overall total cost of ownership (TCO), making it an ideal solution for a number of applications and installations where continuous power is essential, including datacentres, hospitals and industrial facilities.

“The technology of the VDCs, due to their reliability, reduced TCO and environmental sustainability, is of great interest to numerous sectors, from finance and banking, healthcare, computer services and datacentres”, comments Roberto Facci, Riello UPS Commercial Director. “The integration of these systems with Riello UPS solutions will therefore constitute a real advantage for our clients”.

The addition of the VDC Flywheel to the Riello range further demonstrates Riello UPS’s commitment to efficiency, innovation and environmental sustainability, whilst continuing to offer their clients reliable, turn-key solutions to their power protection requirements.

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