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Emerson Network Power Presents Enhanced Chloride 80-NET™ UPS System Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 19:40

chloride 80 netEmerson Network Power today presented the enhanced Chloride 80-NET™ uninterruptible power supply (UPS), enabling data centres to increase their load by 20 percent, providing higher efficiencies and a lower capital expenditure, without taking up valuable floor space.

The launch of the 300-400 and 500kW versions, now available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, India, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Central and Latin America, follows a technical breakthrough in semiconductor technology that allows transformers to be eliminated from large standalone UPS. The replacement of transformers by digital, near instantaneous control of voltage and current, means that up to 20 percent more active power can be passed on to the load by the biggest standalone UPS - a development with major commercial implications.
“The latest Chloride 80-NET™ is the best performing transformer-free stand-alone UPS in its power range. It provides 20 percent more active power than alternative devices, market leading efficiency and is compatible with all modern, business critical loads and pre-existing equipment,” explained Lamberto Tassara, president of Chloride products and services, Emerson Network Power. “The technology solves two major problems for data centres. Firstly, it frees them from the limited availability of grid power, and secondly it significantly cuts the capital costs and achieves high energy efficiency.”
The device achieves a significant 98 percent throughput efficiency whilst conforming to all requirements for Tier 4 power protection.
As part of the enhancement, a 10 inch, 15 language touch screen user interface has been developed to allow full interactive control of the UPS.  It allows users to see all the information and measurements related to the upstream network and connected load, as well as the status of the unit.
Key characteristics of the new Chloride 80-NET™ include:
* Transformer-free technology for maximum installation compatibility
* Full IGBT double conversion technology
* Enhanced fault clearing capacity
* Fully interactive user interface
* Excellent input performances for complete compatibility with all upstream equipment
* High conversion efficiency (certified up to 98 percent)
* Capability of powering, without de-rating, all loads irrespective of the PF (leading or lagging)
* Automatic output power upgrade up to+10 percent
* UPS personal ID card, containing all working parameters for “off time” reduction in the event of serviceability
* Plug-in-and-go scalability: parallel feature which automatically detects when new units have been added without the need for stopping the system.
* Chloride LIFE®.net 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostic service fully integrated.

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