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Time Control Is Still The Bottom Line Of Energy Saving Lighting

time clockThere’s no doubt that ever more precise timing is entering every sphere of our lives, and that one of the main drivers of our quest for precision time control is the need to save energy and money.

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Another Big Boost for Energy Saving from Timeguard

FBT4 Fused SpurWith energy bills inevitably increasing year on year, safety and energy efficiency are at the top of any homeowner, landlord or employer’s mind.

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New Fused Spur Plus Time Control In One Compact Unit From Timeguard

Timeguard FST77Wherever you need an F.C.U (fused connection unit), it makes sense to provide the added benefit of “energy-saving time control” with the flexibility of push-button manual over-ride and programmable On / Off times especially when all the functionality is encased in a single-gang unit and backed by the Timeguard 5-Year guarantee and with the firm’s signature design edge.

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Time Switches: “Saving Money” is still the bottom line !

Timeguard NTT03It’s great to see so many new controls coming onto the marketplace and delivering ever-better opportunities for energy savings.

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Timeguard Provides The Safe Option For Outdoor Power

Timeguard VisionWhen it comes to choosing which outdoor power accessories to recommend to your customer, the over-arching consideration has to be safety:

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DIN rail controllers used to be for the ‘big jobs’. No more says Timeguard

timeguard din controllerThe magazines may be packed full of exotic products, fabulous buildings and luxury houses where everything happens intelligently at the touch of a button. The world, it seems, is the oyster of the installer that can make it all happen.

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New RCD Range from Timeguard

timeguard valianceColour-coded wiring terminals for even safer installation
Timeguard has introduced its new Valiance range of RCD protected sockets and spurs with trusted technology and a look and feel which is bang up to date.

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Timeguard Fast-start Energy Saving Security

timeguard ecolighting … controlled any way you want

With their fast start, instant-on lamps, the new additions to Timeguard’s popular ECO range of energy saving lighting are up to the job as deterrent security lighing,  and offer a choice of control options to meet users requirements. Manual on/off, automatic movement-detecting PIR or light-activated dusk ‘til dawn options are offered by these new floodlights, which cut running costs by up to 80%.

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Timeguard Reinvents The Wheel

timeguard old controlSimple dial control for sophisticated electronic ‘stats

Timeguard’s new Programastat electronic room thermostats hide their sophistication behind famliar, easily-use dial controls. They are ideal for new installations and existing central heating systems alike, and can be used as straightforward replacements for inefficient old-style devices.

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Timeguard's Boost Timer Keeps Tenants Energy Bills Down

timeguard boost timerTimeguard’s simple but ingenious new boost timer is wired in parallel with a time switch, and enables users to call for just the extra heat or hot water they need at the push of the boost button, without needing to interfere with or over-ride the regular timing programme.

The device is self cancelling, so there is no risk of tenants’ leaving heating appliances switched on by accident.

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