Review of the Latest News on Test and Measurement

Fluke 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter Now Includes A Flexible Current Probe At The Same Price

Fluke 279 FC with iFlexCombination of full-featured digital multimeter plus thermal imager with iFlex current probe, plus an optional discounted price kit with a second rechargeable battery

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Megger Delivers Fast, Effective Fault Location For LV Cables

Fault Location equipmentDesigned specifically for use on underground LV cable networks, Megger’s new EZ-THUMP™ 3 cable fault location system makes it possible for even inexperienced users to accurately locate faults quickly and easily, thereby reducing the duration of power outages and the risk of costly penalties.

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New Fluke Ti400 PRO And Ti300 PRO Infrared Cameras Offer A More Intuitive Interface And Better Colour Differentiation

Fluke Infrared CameraFluke has introduced upgraded versions of two of its best-selling infrared cameras. The new Fluke Ti400 PRO and Ti300 PRO Infrared Cameras feature a more intuitive touch screen interface with a higher contrast display and compatibility with optional smart telephoto, wide-angle and macro lenses which can be interchanged without calibration.

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British Standard For Direct Acting Indicating Analogue Electrical Measuring Instrument Accessories Published

BSENIEC60051 8BS EN IEC 60051-8:2018

Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories.
Special requirements for accessories

Publication Date: 26 March 2018

Replaces BS 89-8:1990, EN 60051-8:1989

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Megger Boosts Oil Test Set Versatility

OTS PB test setMegger has further increased the versatility of its latest OTS PB and OTS AF oil test sets by adding support for withstand testing.

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Megger's Cable Test Van Sets New Standards

test vanCable test vans in the new Megger Centrix 2.0 range provide a fast, easy and convenient solution for testing, diagnosis and fault location on underground cables.

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Megger's New Power Quality Analyser Combines Versatility With Convenience

mpq2000The new MPQ2000 three-phase portable power quality analyser from Megger offers unrivalled versatility with facilities for measuring, analysing and displaying all key power quality parameters on AC and DC systems operating at up to 1,000 V.

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Fluke Offers A Thermal Imaging Camera At A Special Discount As Part Of Its Spring Specials Campaign

TiS20 Thermal ImagerUntil 30th June 2018, Fluke is offering its TiS20 Thermal Imager at a reduced recommended list price. A model in the Fluke® TiS Performance Series Infrared Cameras, the TiS20 offers good quality at an affordable price to help industrial, maintenance, and HVAC professionals analyse equipment health at a distance more quickly and accurately.

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Megger Makes Cable Fault Location Even Easier

fault locationFault finding on underground MV power cables is now easier than ever, thanks to the introduction of a new and enhanced version of Megger’s popular all-in-one EZ-THUMP™ cable fault location system.

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Fluke Offers A DMM Safety Bundle With A 40%+ Saving As Part Of Its Spring Specials Campaign

DMM Safety BundleUntil 30th June 2018, Fluke is offering a DMM Safety Bundle consisting of a Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter (DMM) with a Fluke TLK-225 SureGrip™ Master Accessory set of leads and connectors representing a discount of over 40% on the items purchased separately.

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