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Monday, 19 December 2011 19:58

A new LED torch is now available from the Wolf Safety range, as well as a retrofit LED unit for existing customers to upgrade their TS-24 / TR-24 and TS / TR-24+ ATEX Safety Torches.

The new TS-30+ / TR-30+ Safety Torches incorporating a ‘fitted for life’ LED light source, not only makes bulb changing unnecessary, reducing downtime and maintenance, but also offers significant improvements in the quality of light and level of light output.  With four times the lumens output, from 15 lumens to approximately 70 lumens, and duration increased from ten to twenty seven hours from the 2 x D cell battery system, this upgrade delivers a notable increase in performance.

The TP-300 LED module incorporates a battery life management system indicating when the optimum time to change the batteries, so the user is not left in the dark!

To upgrade an existing TS/TR-24 and TS/TR-24+ Safety Torch, the user simply removes the centre contact and bulb from the lamp and replaces it with the new LED module TP-300.

Certification for this LED Safety Torch version remains the same as that of the original TS/TR-24 and TS/TR24+ Safety Torches - ATEX Approved for Zone 1, llC T4 IP67 for use in areas where a potentially  explosive Gas, Vapour, Mist or Dust may be present.

The TR/TS-30+ LED Safety Torch will find practical applications in a host of industrial sectors such as the Fire, Utilities, Offshore Oil & Gas, Marine and Water Treatment markets.

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