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Eaton’s New Panelboards Raise the Bar for Convenience and Versatility PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 November 2011 10:12

With easy-to-fit plug-and-play metering facilities, provision for incorporating surge and lightning protection, the ability to accommodate four-pole incoming devices with optional earth-leakage protection, and enhanced mechanical construction, the latest Memshield 3 panelboards from Eaton’s Electrical Sector set new standards for versatility and for fast, convenient installation.

The new boards can be supplied in versions that accommodate incoming devices rated up to 800 A and outgoing devices rated from 16 A to 400 A. They are available with 6 and 12 outgoing ways in all ratings, with selected ratings also available in 18 way versions. At the low-current end of the range, 250 A incomer boards are additionally offered in 4- and 8-way versions that provide convenient and cost-effective solutions for small installations. All models meet the requirements of IEC 61439-2, with Form 3b, Type 2 separation.

In response to the growing demand for energy usage monitoring, Eaton has made it particularly easy to incorporate metering in Memshield 3 panelboards. Instead of having to make up to 42 individual connections to wire an energy meter – a task that typically takes around 90 minutes and is error prone because of the large number of connections – users of the new panelboards only need make a few simple plug-in connections. The risk of errors is eliminated, and a meter is easily wired in less than 10 minutes and up to nine times faster.

Adding lightning and surge suppression components to the boards is equally straightforward, a feature that is particularly useful in the light of the recent amendments to the IET Wiring Regulations, which highlight the need for surge protection. The suppression components for Memshield panelboards are available in versions that protect against both direct and indirect lightning strikes on the supply system or against indirect strikes only, and they comply fully with the requirements of BS EN 62305.

Four-pole incoming devices, essential in applications where a switched neutral is needed, are accommodated in all versions of the new panelboard and all versions can also be optionally be fitted with earth leakage protection at the incoming device. In the case of 250 A incomers, this is achieved by adding a module to the incomer, while for larger incomers, Eaton supplies an easily fitted earth leakage protection kit.

To make installation as fast and convenient as possible, Eaton has provided the new Memshield 3 panelboards with removable top and bottom cross rails. This means that it is no longer necessary to thread the cables through the gland plate aperture when laying them in and terminating them, resulting in big time savings.

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