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Monday, 15 November 2010 21:36

aicoCottsway Housing, the largest local Registered Provider operating in West Oxfordshire, has standardised its fire detection specification to Aico Multi-Sensor alarms for over 3,500 of its homes.

Cottsway Housing has been using Aico alarms for several years, including the 160 Series designed specifically for the social housing market.  Many of these alarms are now nine to ten years old and are coming to the end of their natural lives, reaching their recommended replacement dates.  They will gradually be replaced and upgraded to the Aico Multi-Sensor by Cottsway's repairs team.

Colin Walker, Fire Safety Officer at Cottsway Housing, explains his decision to standardise on Aico's Multi-Sensor: "I have gone with the Multi-Sensor (2110) as I believe it will increase the confidence of our residents to the effectiveness of smoke alarms due to its reliability and functionality."  This reliability and functionality comes from the Multi-Sensor's two separate sensors - Optical and Heat - making it capable of monitoring both smoke and heat (unlike single sensor alarms) whilst being less vulnerable to false alarms.

Existing Cottsway Housing properties feature three to four alarms and an Aico Alarm Control Switch.  However, certain properties will be upgraded by Cottsway from Category LD3 to LD2 which requires additional alarms in areas of high fire risk. 

In these instances, Aico Multi Sensor alarms will be added to the system by way of Aico's RadioLINK system.  RadioLINK works by allowing mains powered smoke and heat alarms to be wirelessly interconnected by means of Radio Frequency (RF) signals.  If one alarm on the system is triggered, an RF signal will be sent out by the RadioLINK base underneath the alarm to cause every other alarm in the property to sound.

The Multi-Sensor also has a memory feature which allows Cottsway Housing electricians to quickly identify the exact alarm that triggered the entire system, even when it has stopped sounding.  Simply press the Test & Hush button on each unit and the one that has activated and initiated the others will beep three times - a feature that Colin found particularly useful.

But it's not just the product that has impressed Cottsway Housing, as Colin explains: "The service from Aico has been excellent.  I have called the technical team several times to identify solutions for particular problems and they have nearly always been able to provide a solution.  When I was looking to standardise the smoke / heat detectors we were installing, the other manufacturer we consulted could not match the service offered by Aico".

Part of that service includes access to the Aico Fire Products Trained Installer Scheme, which Cottsway Housing's electricians have benefitted from  Cottsway is now arranging with Aico to deliver training to its assets and development team to give them a better understanding of the type of alarms being installed and the legislation requirements.

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