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Friday, 05 November 2010 08:40

vphaseTV presenter and eco-engineer Dick Strawbridge has filmed a short video looking at the latest energy saving device for the home that cuts electricity bills by around 10%, lowers energy wastage and reduces carbon emissions.

Dick filmed the installation of the device at his eco-friendly smallholding in Cornwall, reviewing the technology and demonstrating to other homeowners how using the voltage optimisation device can help their homes and their pockets.
The review has been posted on the VPhase site ( as well as Eco Ark (, which looks at a whole host of the best eco lifestyle products and provides expert advice from Dick and son James Strawbridge, who are both well known for their eco credentials. 
Commenting on the VPhase Dick Strawbridge said, “Holding your voltage low, saving bills just makes sense, why haven’t I had one of these things before?”
The VPhase device, which was heralded ‘Innovative Residential/Domestic Product of the Year’ at this year’s Electrical Industry Awards in October, delivers homeowners immediate and significant money and energy savings across the whole home, without needing to change their lifestyle or supplier. It uses voltage optimisation technology to regulate incoming voltage into the home and keeps it at a stable level, typically 220V in the UK. The result is electrical appliances use less electricty and cost less to run. VPhase also delivers carbon savings, which have been calculated to be at least four tonnes over the 25+ year life of the product – the equivalent of driving roughly 22,000km in an average size family car.
VPhase Marketing Manager Matt Cody comments: “We’re delighted that an eco-guru such as Dick Strawbridge has not only seen the benefits of installing a VPhase in his own home but has actively promoted the benefits of the technology on Eco Ark to other eco and money conscious homeowners. Recognition such as this is further proof that we’re offering people a genuine green solution for the home that delivers significant, tangible savings.” 
The VPhase unit must be installed by a qualified electrician and is maintenance free, making it a case of fit, forget and save instantly! It should cost no more than £250 when installed at the same time as a consumer unit and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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