Review of the Latest News on Earthing and Lightning

BS 7430 Code of practice for protective earthing of electrical installations updated

BS 7430 Amendment 1:2015
This standard is an amendment to BS 7430:2011 Code of practice for protective earthing of electrical installations. It provides recommendations and guidance on meeting the requirements for earthing land-based electrical installations in and around buildings in the UK.

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NEW Earth Rod Seal - High Performance, Low Maintenance

Earth rod seal coverFurse market-leading earth rod seals have offered the most effective solution to prevent the upward seepage of water through the buildings damp proof membrane for years. Now, we introduce a new earth rod seal which delivers all the benefits of previous designs whilst offering the simplest, most cost effective installation to date.

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Furse Protective Conductor Guard - the effective solution to theft, vandalism & damage

Furse conductor guardFurse introduces a new range of simple yet highly effective high impact PVC protective conductor guards specifically designed to deter vandal damage and the removal of valuable conductor from lightning protection installations.

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