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Friday, 22 July 2011 16:53

click additionsClick Scolmore will be using ELEX to showcase the latest additions to its successful ‘Flow’ range of connectors - which provide installers with two new products that are superior and quicker to install than anything currently on the market.

The CT103C 3-pin and CT203 4-pin connectors feature quick release lockable covers - a 90 degree twist and lock cover fixing facilitates quick and easy removal of the cover, negating the need for screws.  

The products also benefit from new fast fit cable restraints, a superior alternative to the screw-down cable clamp version which again means no more time-consuming fiddling with small screws.

These latest additions means it is now as quick to fit a connector with a cable restraint as it is to fit a standard version and it is significantly faster than a product with screw-down cable clamps.

The new 3- and 4-pin connectors are suitable for 3 and 4 core cable, and have a 20A maximum load rating.

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