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Saturday, 12 February 2011 16:30

CombiTacMulti-Contact's versatile CombiTac connector system now has high current options available. The standard module size contact carriers can be fitted with one or more poles with current ratings as high as 292 A´╗┐.

The plastic single pole contact carriers accept 12 mm diameter contacts, with different versions for male and female contacts. The contacts are designed for cable cross-sections of 50 - 95 mm2 and termination is by crimping or an M10 internal thread for cable.

Earth contacts are also available, with 8 mm diameter pins and sockets. The pins for these are longer than the current carrying contacts, to provide early make late break connection. They accept cables with 25 - 50 mm2 cross-section, depending on the termination, which can be crimped or with an M8 outer thread for cable.

All the contacts are silver plated, and the sockets are fitted with Multi-Contact's Multilam torsion spring technology for maximum reliability.

Typical fields of application are devices carrying high currents such as welding systems and battery charging stations.

In addition to high current contacts, the CombiTac system can be fitted with high voltage, databus, power, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre optic, pneumatic and fluid connectors in any combination. The contact carriers are housed in a compact, robust frame for panel mounting or built into DIN coupler hoods.

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